Professional Musicians Online Youth Program

The Professional Musicians Online Youth Program (PMOYP) is a unique and special opportunity created in response to this year's missed CIS Music Festival (CISMF) — one of the CIS Ontario inter-school programs that was unfortunately cancelled as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The PMOYP is an innovative, multi-faceted program created to support member school students through these unprecedented times by allowing them to connect with their teachers, professional musicians and each other through music in a safe and interactive environment. The dynamic force of this revolutionary program is through the unique insight and teaching from world-class musicians. For students, interacting and learning from professional musicians is nothing short of remarkable magic. 

Music teachers and professional musicians will inspire CIS Ontario students through PMYOP organized; Online Masterclasses, Online Youth Clubs, and Private Lessons. Students will have the opportunity to learn from professional musicians from organizations such as the; University of Toronto Faculty of Music, Canadian Opera Company, Toronto Symphony Orchestra, and Edmonton Symphony Orchestra.

Learn from these PMOYP World Class Professional Musicians:

CIS Ontario expresses our congratulations and thanks to Sandi Chasson, Ilena Borinsky, Jonathan Crow, Camille Wattes and all of the professionals who contributed to creating this new program that will support the musical interests of our students. In particular, we must commend the extraordinary creativity and leadership of Ms. Sandi Chasson, Director of Music at St. Andrew’s College and Chair of the CISMF program.

Professional Musicians Online Masterclass

In real-time, a professional musician, along with the class teacher, will jointly lead an interactive group of music students in an online class with a professional musician. These Masterclass opportunities are set up by member schools teachers who can organize this program within their own school and with their students, or they can enjoy the CISMF experience and team up with other schools to participate together in these online class lessons. The composition of students and styles of classes is limitless.

How to Participate:
Music teachers who wish to learn more about offering Online Masterclasses to their students should visit the Music Educators' Network Dashboard on the CIS Member Portal.

Professional Musicians Online Youth Clubs

Professional Musicians Online Youth Clubs are an opportunity for students to broaden their horizons and to further their learning opportunities. The sessions will foster confidence, self-esteem, and focused learning and are designed to help students progress on their instrument of choice and foster a love and enjoyment of playing. Sessions consist of group coaching and practice time. These sessions will address different techniques and concepts that arise throughout the directed learning process. Professional Musicians Online Clubs are packed with loads of fun-filled activities and conversations for learning music. These group sessions provide a forum to develop the social element and camaraderie that our youth are desperately missing in these challenging times.

How to Participate:
If you are a CIS Ontario member school student interested in participating in a Professional Musicians Online Youth Club please fill out this online form expressing your interest and choice of instrument. A PMOYP Program Coordinator will be in touch with you about Club opportunities and details.

Professional Musicians Online Private Lessons

When a student studies privately with a professional Musician, they will receive the musician's full attention and focus for the entire lesson. The student will receive customized lessons planned and tailored to the student's specific needs, goals, and learning style. For that reason, the student will progress faster and easier because classes are made just for them. Alongside these private lessons, it is recommended that the student practice at home. Students who take private lessons typically make steady progress toward their personal goals.

How to Participate:
Music teachers who wish to facilitate private lessons for their students should visit the Music Educators' Network Dashboard on the CIS Member Portal for a list professional musicians offering private lessons. If you are a CIS Ontario member school student interested in private music lessons please reach out to your school's music department for help in arranging lessons.

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Join a Music Club

Are you a student of a CIS Ontario member school? Do you want to join a music club run by a professional musician? Let us know that you're interested and which instrument you play.

PMOYP Student Music Clubs
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Program Coordinators

Sandi Chasson
Department Head, Music
St. Andrew's College

Ilena Borinsky

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.  ― Plato