INCITE Anthology

INCITE is an anthology of student writing and visual art published annually by CITE. The host conference school sends out a contest call inviting CIS Ontario schools to submit their three best student pieces across age-bands and writing forms each fall. All students published in the anthology receive a copy. Cash prizes are awarded for the best writing. Contest winners are announced at the annual CITE Conference and are often asked to present their work.

INCITE 2024: Literacy in the Digital Age

The INCITE 2024 anthology will be presented at the 2024 CITE conference on April 27th when the winners are announced and then uploaded to our INCITE ISSUU stack


INCITE 2023: Joyous Speculation

Speculative fiction is most often dystopian in nature. Our current world sometimes seems to lend itself to this dark prophecy.  Why not look at the world through a rose-coloured, but responsible, lens? 

The 2023 INCITE prompt asked students to write a short story, poem, essay, or dramatic scene that explores the idea of "joyous speculation."  Writers could choose to focus on something real or imagined, focusing on positive aspects, outcomes, and mindsets.

Congratulations to the 2023 INCITE Student Winners!


Visit our INCITE stack on ISSUU to view all INCITE publications, dating back to 2010.


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For additional information, please contact:

Jeremy Barr
Event Manager

INCITE provides a publishing opportunity for aspiring authors and visual artists to showcase their creativity.