CISVAF: Visual Arts Festival

Artists need plenty of inspiration to fuel creativity and discover innovative ways to funnel their passion into a career. This festival offers senior visual-arts students an opportunity to showcase and produce art, along with workshops run by top industry and art professionals. For educators, it’s a great way to spark new perspectives and art-making techniques to bring back to class.

Built around a new theme each year, the 2019-20 festival will explore “ARTivism: Ideas in Motion.” The positive message? Art is a time-honoured way to speak out about major issues and produce memorable change in local and global communities.

Whether it’s a workshop with an award-winning documentary filmmaker or robotics maker, or conversations with fellow artists, the festival offers a much-needed space to show, create, discover and talk about art.

Visual Arts Festival 2020 - ARTivism: Ideas in Motion

Students in Grades 10-12 spent an exciting day on February 22, 2020 at Trinity College School participating in workshops led by professional artists. Workshop options included:

  • Print Making
  • Painting
  • Public Art
  • Photography
  • Zine Art
  • Installation Art

CIS Ontario would like to thank Trinity College School, our Festival hosts and their staff for all the hard work they put forth in organizing this event for our member schools.

Visual Arts Festival 2019

CISVAF Conference of Independent Schools of Ontario Visual Arts Festival


Jessie Ironside
Director of Co-Curricular Arts
Trinity College School

Sally McKay-LePage
The Arts (Visual Art)
Trinity College School

For registration information, please contact:
Sheri Little
Executive Assistant/ Event Manager

A key take-away is that art-making isn’t just fun; there are plenty of great careers to be pursued in the creative industries.