CISDF: Drama Festival

Hosted by none other than the world-renowned Stratford Festival each April, this multi-day theatrical experience makes a lasting impact on aspiring actors, producers and technicians.

The offerings include seats for a current production. (Spamalot or Chicago may just be on the bill.) Stratford Festival teaching artists deliver on-site workshops and each evening students participate in and watch pieces they’ve been rehearsing back at school.

Working with Stratford's performing artists sets a high bar and raises the calibre of conversation about theatre, whether they’re offering supportive feedback or educating students about how to adjudicate a show.

It’s also an exciting way to expose young artists to social opportunities with passionate and dedicated peers from member schools. (Senior students stay for the full three-day option while Middle School students come for one day.)

CISDF 2023

The 2023 CIS Ontario Drama Festival will be held at the Stratford Festival from April 17–19, 2023.

Building off of the tremendous success of CISDF 2019, it is with excitement that we announce that all student performances will be showcased at the Studio Theatre, which is one of the main stages of the Stratford Festival. To perform on a Stratford stage is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the Senior School dramatists, be they actors or technicians. There will also be an adjudication element built in to allow students to explore and discuss their creative projects more with professionals from the industry. With an audience comprised of festival participants, the performance atmosphere is wonderfully celebratory and fosters an empowering environment where students are encouraged to explore and challenge their dramatic range.

The Middle School student participants will participate in two workshops led by Stratford professionals and will see a Stratford production.

Please check your email inbox and the Drama Educators' Network Hub on CISO Connect for information and updates.

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Brendon Allen
Drama Teacher
The Bishop Strachan School

Lois Adamson
Director of Education
Stratford Festival

For additional information, please contact:
Sheri Little
Executive Assistant/ Event Manager

By breaking down geographic boundaries and school walls, this province-wide theatre experience invites a powerful journey of self-expression and discovery.