CIS Dance Fest

So you think you can dance? It really doesn’t matter! We welcome Grade 6 to 12 students who've had some external or co-curricular instruction and those with no experience whatsoever. This festival is the place to try out multiple dance styles while working with top dancers and choreographers in a professional setting.

Making use of the studios at York University’s Faculty of Dance, students choose from three workshops, then come together for an optional performance showcase and strength-based feedback at the end of the day. Options have included three levels of hip-hop, musical theatre, Pow-wow (indigenous), contemporary, Bollywood, Brazilian Samba and much more.

Whatever the selections, students glean valuable instruction on how to appreciate and contextualize various dance techniques. It’s also a great chance to see what CIS Ontario member schools are doing, backed by a supportive and enthusiastic audience of their peers.

Key Dates

Dance Fest 2019

CIS Dance Fest 2019
CIS Dance Fest 2019
CIS Dance Fest 2019
CIS Dance Fest 2019
CIS Ontario Dance Fest


Kristina Udegbunam
Dance Teacher
Appleby College

For additional information, please contact:
Sheri Little
Executive Assistant/ Event Manager

“Dance like no one’s watching.” So goes the famous quotation. So delight in the power of dance in a supportive atmosphere, while collecting valuable tips and tricks from the pros.