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After more than 120 years as a leading independent school for boys, St. Andrew’s College (SAC) announced its plan to open a sister school, modelled after SAC and offering an inspirational learning environment for girls to build character, own their voice, imagine their future, strive for distinction, and, ultimately, build a better world.

Our story is one of relationships, persistence, and lofty dreams. It’s not a quick or easy story, but our decade-long journey saw us climb to great heights only to find a more challenging vista on the horizon.

St. Andrew’s College has taken great pride in their leadership role, “developing the complete man, the well-rounded citizen,” and strengthening their communities at every level. They recognized their responsibility to evolve and lead in a manner that would meet the requirements of the world for the next 120 years. Providing the same educational opportunities for girls is an important part of that responsibility.

The St. Anne’s campus, located one kilometre away as the crow flies from the St. Andrew’s College main campus, was originally built and owned by past SAC parents, Anne and Andrew Dunin. In 2007, Kevin McHenry, Head of School for St. Andrew’s, jokingly said to Andrew that his stately manor would be an ideal setting for a school for girls. Andrew agreed. So, the slow journey to today’s St. Anne’s School began.

St. Anne’s and St. Andrew’s will benefit greatly from the proximity to each other. The schools are close enough to easily come together for educational and co-curricular opportunities, such as theatre productions, the White Ribbon Campaign, and community service initiatives, but far enough apart to establish their own paths forward. The success students have found in a single-sex educational environment will only stand to be strengthened through this new model, offering the best of both worlds under one umbrella.

The story continues to evolve. This is just the beginning!

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