Wenonah Outdoors - Camp Wenonah

Wenonah Outdoors - Camp Wenonah

Camp Wenonah offers programs that challenge and stimulate participants of every age and experience through a traditional outdoor education centre model. Our programs all place a value on community, interdependence, personal development, and an appreciation and respect for the natural world.

Field trips to Wenonah Outdoors can strengthen group bonds and increase awareness of one’s self or can be a special beginning or end to a school year that celebrates the contributions of each group member.

The Camp Wenonah Centre for Outdoor Education operates in May, June, September and October. We provide a full service approach, which includes all programming, leadership, meals, accommodation, and administrative support for each visiting group.

Wenonah Outdoors offers a wide range of activities to support school in the following areas:

  • Personal student development
  • Outdoor reflection and connection to nature
  • Community building
  • Leadership
  • Sports