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The CIS Ontario Women's Network was established three years ago to unite and connect women from CIS Ontario schools. It provides participants with opportunities to meet new people, make networking connections and have meaningful conversations about work and their careers.

The Women's Network gathers for a dynamic evening each spring to explore networking and mentorship strategies for women. A panel discussion is followed by facilitated networking and a mixer. Past panel discussion has explored how to create and develop a mentoring and support network, the roles that mentors have played in their career, and most importantly how one should build a professional network. It’s a great chance to meet new people and have meaningful conversations about your career.

Members of the Women's Network have access to a member's only Women's Network Hub within CISO Connect, our member community platform.

Women's Network, join us for Uplift/Lift Up at TMS on March 1, 2023

Thank you to all who support and participate in the CIS Ontario Women's Network. Instead of hosting our own event this year, we are thrilled to support and share an exciting upcoming Member School Event, Uplift/Lift Up at TMS. 

Keep reading below to learn more and to register. If you have any questions, please reach out to the TMS organizers: Kirsten Eastwood (keastwood@tmsschool.ca) or Rachel Marks (rmarks@tmsschool.ca) for more details. 

Please register below, we'll see you there! 

At TMS, we saw an opportunity to help create a network of like-minded women leaders in independent education after a tough three years. We want to start a movement to provide meaningful ways for women to connect, re-connect, inspire (and be inspired), feel uplifted and in turn, lift up others.

The idea behind this movement is twofold: personal and professional.  On a personal level, we hope participants will take the opportunity to consider the conversations they want and need to have with themselves. On a professional level, our goal is to build a community that provides support, mentoring, and encouragement for women as they undertake those conversations. This is about taking a collective approach to helping each other - in a joyful, fun and meaningful way!

We are starting with an event to bring together (in person!) women who want to join us. We are focusing this event on what we call Courageous Conversations, ones where people are encouraged to express their views openly and truthfully.

Event details and registration.

Uplift/Lift Up 2023

Recap: Women's Network Event 2021

On February 18, 2021 the Women's Network gathered online to connect with each other and unite in shared understanding. Members were led through a short reflective writing session by Jalynn Bosley, ALIVE Outdoors owner / executive director, and then spent casual time with each other. 

Jal was a speaker on the 2021 CIS Ontario Women’s Network panel. Like everyone during the pandemic, she and the team at ALIVE have had to find a way forward, while still staying rooted in their values. Jal has been talking about the importance of unplugging from our screens for years, and so this shift has been immensely humbling. 

During this relaxed, low-key evening, we reflected on the importance of learning to sit in peace with yourself, to embrace simple joys, to dig into one's strengths, to persevere, and to truly appreciate one's own essence. 

Jalynn Bosley, ALIVE Outdoors Owner/ Executive Director
Alive Outdoors

Recap: Women's Network Event 2020

The 3rd Annual CIS Ontario Women's Network took place on Wednesday, February 5th, 2020 at host school, Trafalgar Castle School.

Attendees experienced several Ted-Talk style presentations, a Q&A session, and break-out discussion groups with our panel - Shauna Barnes, Jalynn Bosley, Leslie McBeth and Dr. Leanne Foster as we explored the theme: Authenticity, Acceptance & Alignment: Owning your own JourneyThis inspirational evening carried on the Upper Canada College host's founding tradition of strengthening our relationships within the CIS Ontario community while continuing the building of a network of women in education to connect, empower & support one another.

Thank you to Trafalgar Castle School, and the leadership and volunteerism of Penny Senior, Sam Welbourn and Danielle Zupancic. We acknowledge the time and passion they devoted to planning and executing this important event for the CIS Ontario community.

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