CITE English Teachers' Network

The Conference of Independent Teachers of English (CITE) supports the teaching and learning of English, Media Studies and Drama at its member CIS Ontario schools.

The CITE network members produce two ambitious annual complementary projects: the CITE Conference, an annual professional conference for teachers of English; and INCITE, a publication of an anthology of student writing.

The CITE Network also facilitates meetings of member schools' English curriculum leaders, and provides a social and professional network for literacy teachers.

Fall 2021 CITE Event

CITE colleagues gathered virtually on Tuesday, November 23rd to hear from their guest Richard Monture, Professor at McMaster University's in the English and Cultural Studies Department.  Prof. Monture answered specific questions about teaching literature by indigenous writers.  The discussion included how to make instruction of texts by indigenous authors more effective for students and strategies on how to engage one's class meaningfully in discussions of these texts.

CITE Fall 2021 Writing Competition for Students

The CITE 2021 fall writing competition was open to CIS Ontario member school students in grades 4 to 12. Students were tasked with telling a story about trying to go back to normal but finding that "normal" is not something that is possible, or even desirable.The prompt was Let the moment go / Don't forget it for a moment, though” (a lyric from "Moments in the Woods", a song in Into The Woods, a musical and later a movie by Stephen Sondheim). 

We are excited to announce that the CITE Fall Writing Contest first-place winners are: Aryana Kapur, Toronto Montessori School, and Yuet Yau and Bianca Sugunasiri, Elmwood School. Congratulations to all participants and especially to our award winners!


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INCITE: Student Anthology

CIS Ontario: Student Programs: INCITE 2020

View several years of published INCITE student anthologies.


CITE is managed by a devoted group of volunteers. The Executive follows:

Chris Jull
Crestwood Preparatory College

Claire Pacaud
St. Clement's School

Ellen Palmer
Chairperson Emeritus
Appleby College

Ashley Domina  and Sally Mastromonaco
Communications Co-ordinators
Villanova College

Chelsea Larock
Ashbury College

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For additional information, please contact:
Sheri Little
Executive Assistant/ Event Manager