Professional Learning Networks


CIS member network opportunities make it easy to find like-minded colleagues and draw on their collective, niche expertise and experience. Some networks meet throughout the year, others host one-off events. We work with our members’ needs to create networks that serve their interests and help them deliver excellence.

Under construction: Select networks have the valuable option to log in on this website to access the "groups dashboard." These online network communities offer topical discussions, shared resources and more. Watch your in-box for CIS Ontario communications on the roll-out of this value-added section.    

Business Officers' Network

This network offers an opportunity to connect with your peers who work within the finance departments of independent schools. Network formats can include two-day retreats or half-day meetings at member schools within the CIS catchment area. Share insights, develop ideas and explore best practices.

CITE English Teachers’ Network

The Conference of Independent Teachers of English (CITE) supports the teaching and learning of English, Media Studies and drama at its member CIS Ontario schools. There are two ambitious complementary projects: an annual professional conference for teachers of English; and the publication of an anthology of student writing. CITE also facilitates meetings of member schools' English curriculum leaders, and provides a social and professional network for literacy teachers.

Curriculum Leaders’ Network

This is a great networking option for academic leaders responsible for overseeing curriculum and staying abreast of Ministry of Education requirements. Anchored by both a fall and spring gathering at a host school, curriculum leaders can enjoy engaging days of learning, collaboration and collegiality.

Fall Curriculum Leaders' Meeting: October 28 & 29, 2019. Click here for details and registration.

Drama Educators' Network

This network meeting and professional learning day happens each fall at the Stratford Festival, which also hosts the annual CIS Drama Festival (CISDF) each spring. It’s a day of enriching professional learning from a drama lens. All member schools are welcome, even those not planning to be part of CISDF. There’s a hosted dinner and an opportunity to view one of three exciting performances at North America’s largest classical repertory theatre company.

CIS Ontario: Professional Learning Network: Drama Educators

Executive Assistants' Network

Few positions can claim to multi-task as effectively as executive assistants. Anchored by a two-day conference in the spring, this network shares, learns and collaborates around issues such as leading-edge advances in organizational tools as well as well-being and resilience support.

Heads' Network

Meeting three times each year for networking and professional development, this network is a valuable opportunity to spark big-picture thinking and strategy all around. A full-day spring symposium offers a chance to go deep on major issues such as education law and curriculum.

Health Services Network

This network offers an opportunity to connect with peers who work within the health departments of independent schools. Nurses, social workers, psychologists and other health professionals share insights, develop ideas and explore best practices.

On November 15, 2019 join fellow member school Health Services professionals at Branksome Hall 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. to discuss the goals of the CIS Ontario Health Services Network, brainstorm PD opportunities for the year, review on-going initiatives at one's respective school and address any ongoing challenges/questions as a collaborative group.

Please rsvp to Cindy Lima at:

CIS Ontario Health Services Network

Librarians’ Network

Meeting twice annually, fall and spring, the Librarians’ Network is an opportunity to promote this critical hub within every school as a leader and champion of research skills, critical inquiry, educational technology and digital literacy. This professional learning community shares knowledge and expertise to improve school library programs, increase access to information, and foster strong teaching and learning environments in a connected world.

Fall Librarians' Network Meeting: November 22, 2019. Click here for details and registration.

Music Educators’ Network

This network meets annually for a networking lunch in the fall to discuss the delivery of quality music education among CIS member schools, instructional strategies, resources and best practices. Many participants are actively involved in the organization and execution of the annual CIS Musical Festival.

Women's Network

This network gathers for a dynamic evening each spring to explore networking and mentorship strategies for women. A panel discussion is followed by facilitated networking and a mixer. The network is designed to unite and connect women from CIS Ontario schools. Past panel discussion has explored how to create and develop a mentoring and support network, the roles that mentors have played in their career, and most importantly how one should build a professional network. It’s a great chance to meet new people and have meaningful conversations about your career.

Meaningful conversations can start anywhere and lead to anything. Whatever your role and goals, there’s a CIS Ontario network for you.

For additional information, please contact:
Sheri Little
Executive Assistant/ Event Manager