Principal's Qualification Program

Offered through the Faculty of Education at York University, the CIS Ontario supported Independent School Focus PQP courses are designed to prepare and support leadership candidates for the complexity of the most senior administrative roles in independent schools. They are the first Independent School focused PQP courses accredited by the Ontario College of Teachers.

PQP ISF Course Overview

While exploring similar concepts as the regular stream PQP, such as legislation, leadership frameworks, and improvement planning, the PQP ISF will also assist with succession leadership planning for Ontario independent schools and inquire into the roles of admissions, marketing, strategic planning and other independent school focussed concepts. See complete program overview

Eligibility Requirements
The prerequisites and requirements to be eligible to take the PQP are set by the regulations that govern the Ontario College of Teachers. Click here to review them.

If you need an additional basic qualification in one of the four divisions, click here to learn about the York University AQ offerings.

Online Learning and Course Expectations
Due to COVID-19, the course work will be in a fully online format with a combination of both synchronous video and asynchronous online learning sessions. 

Each of the Part 1 and 2 courses consist of 100 hours of interactive coursework and 25 hours of independent learning. Regular and relevant candidate participation is a requirement. It is also a prerequisite of the Part 2 course that you complete the Part 1 course first. All assignment deadlines will be communicated by the Instructor.

PQP Spring 2024 Parts 1 and 2

York University, in partnership with CIS Ontario, is offering the 

The format is Virtual Blended (synchronous and asynchronous participation required). Participants must be available one evening per week for virtual synchronous sessions that are at least one hour long. In between these mandatory sessions, candidates do activities related to the course guided by the instructor.

Course details and registration are found on the York U PQP webpage.

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John Pascuzzo
PQP Coordinator
Professional Learning, Faculty of Education, York U

For additional information, please contact:

Jeremy Barr
Event Manager

Offered in collaboration with York University's Faculty of Education, this program is suited for for current and aspiring leaders.