Online Learning with eLearning Consortium Canada (ELCC)

The eLearning Consortium Canada (ELCC) is a unique cooperative not-for-profit organization of member schools mandated to deliver quality online curriculum for the benefit of students in member independent schools. ELCC develops exceptional eLearning experiences for students using the best teaching and learning practices that exist in our independent schools. The unique Consortium model, of schools working together collaboratively, provides an enhanced online experience using a development and delivery model that has consistently proven to be successful and sustainable.

Online Teaching and Learning Orientation Course for Teachers

CIS Ontario and eLearning Consortium Canada (ELCC) are partnering to offer a FREE one week orientation course in online teaching and learning, to teachers from CIS Ontario schools.

This asynchronous course will look at how to develop content and teach online in a way that maintains student engagement while providing continuous opportunity for assessment and feedback, and introduces teachers to online learning environments and tools that can be used to achieve the above goals.

The course is a condensed and customized version of the Ontario College of Teachers approved Intermediate/Senior Additional Qualification course developed by ELCC Executive Director, Dan Strutt. Although geared towards grades 9-12, we anticipate that much of the course content will also be relevant for grades 6-8 teachers. The course will be offered in four cohorts with start dates of:

  • March 16 - COMPLETE
  • March 23 - COMPLETE
  • March 30 - COMPLETE
  • April 6, 2020 - FULL

Teachers will have access to the material when convenient for them during the week of their chosen cohort and beyond. You can work completely at your own pace and on your own timeline. There will be a daily synchronous video session daily at 8:00 p.m. on Monday – Thursday.  It will be recorded and you can watch it at another time if you are unable to join. However, it is our hope that participants will engage with the course during the week they register for so that we may properly manage numbers and support 'best practice online learning'



  • This program is only available to educators who are employees of CIS Ontario member schools.
  • Once you have registered, you will receive a copy of your registration form. The username and password you selected when signing up are your login. A welcome message will arrive the Monday morning of the start date to your cohort week.

OSSD Courses Online

In addition, the ELCC already has online content developed for a number of OSSD courses - please see the list below. Content from any of these courses can be made available to CIS Ontario schools. The cost will be subsidized and fees will be confirmed shortly.

  1. BAF3M - Grade 11 Financial Accounting
  2. BBB4M - Grade 12 International Business
  3. BOH4M - Grade 12 Business Leadership
  4. CGR4M - Grade 12 Environment and Resource Management
  5. CLN4U - Grade 12 Canadian and International Law
  6. EWC4U - Grade 12 The Writer's Craft
  7. HHG4M - Grade 12 Human Growth and Development AP Psychology
  8. HSB4U - Grade 12 Challenge and Change in Society
  9. HSP3U - Grade 11 Anthropology, Sociology and Psychology
  10. ICS3U - Grade 11 Introduction to Computer Science
  11. ICS4U - Grade 12 Computer Science
  12. LKBBD - Level 1 Simplified Chinese
  13. LKBCU - Level 2 Simplified Chinese
  14. LKBDU - Level 3 Simplified Chinese AP
  15. SES4U - Grade 12 Earth and Space Science
  16. SVN3M - Grade 11 Environmental Science

Volunteers Welcome

Current ELCC trained teachers, or teachers with related online teaching experience, are encouraged to volunteer if they are willing and able to assist with the online initiatives above. Please contact Dan at if you are able to help or have someone to recommend.

It is our plan to adjust and revise these plans as needed in the weeks ahead. We hope that this partnership will provide support and leadership to our schools as they embark on moving fully online during the school closure period.

ELCC Orientation Course Cohort Dates

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eLearning Consortium Canada (ELCC)


Dan Strutt
Director of eLearning
eLearning Consortium of Canada

* Please note that this program is only available to educators who are employees of CIS Ontario member schools.

For additional information, please contact:
Sheri Little
Executive Assistant/Event Manager