Conversation Circles

Are you ready for valuable dialogue with other busy educators in similar roles? But you don’t have time to join another group, right?

Conversation Circles connects you virtually, through ZOOM video conferencing for one-hour, facilitated chats. Offered several times each year, there’s no travel time and participants mutually decide the topics from several options when they register. (The best part is that the Circle typically runs at the end of the school day so you can sit in your office or class.)

Organized by subject area, grade or business function, the circle offers a deep dive on topics that are traditionally under-served at conferences, all tailored to the needs of the participants. It’s also a great way to understand how your peers in CIS member schools are dealing with pressing issues, incorporating new research and uncovering the challenges and opportunities for growth in their schools.   

Key Dates

CIS Ontario Professional Learning: Conversation Circles


Ashley McLellan
Professional Learning Consultant, CIS Ontario

If you would like to be the facilitator for a Conversation Circle or have an idea for an important discussion, please reach out to share your topic and intended audience with me by email. I look forward to hearing from you and planning together! 
Ashley McLellan

It’s challenging for a conference agenda to serve every attendee a deep dive on truly relevant content. Conversation Circles is a chance to do just that, all from the comfort of your own office.