Connects Unconference 2019

January 28, 2019 – Toronto, Ontario

The 2nd annual CIS Ontario Connects Unconference was built on the foundation of Cohort 21 and the success of the inaugural 2018 Unconference. The 2019 Unconference at BMO IFL provided schools with a powerful day for their faculty to accelerate research and learn from others in these four new compelling strands, selected by CIS Ontario curriculum leaders:

  1. Building and Measuring Learning Skills and Executive Functions
  2. Capturing and Assessing Observation and Conversation
  3. Fostering and Integrating STEAM & Design Thinking with students and faculty
  4. Enriching & Augmenting learning through experiential technologies (AR, VR, XR)

Attendees chose two of the four strands to participate in. Schools were encouraged to send a team of educators to engage in all four strands, leverage the conference to support school goals and share the team’s learning upon return.

With a unique facilitation format, participants had opportunities for many different entry points into the discussions and activities. This unconference was personalized by design, collaborative in nature, and highly interactive.

Session Slides & Resources

Impact Report 2019

CIS Ontario Connects Unconference


Justin Medved
Associate Head, Academic Innovation
The York School

Garth Nichols
Vice Principal Experiential Education & Innovation
Havergal College

For additional information, please contact:

Jeremy Barr
Event Manager