Connects Unconference

Time to consult the experts? It’s a little different here. The purpose of the Connects Unconference is to bring CIS Ontario educators together, of varying levels of experience and expertise. It's a powerful way for faculty to accelerate their research and learn from each other. Table facilitators have a critical role, as they work to generate dialogue around four topics of group interest, pre-selected and voted upon by all participants. You could be discussing the integration of design thinking, experiential technologies or digital portfolios. The ultimate goal is to capture new opportunities for student experience. 

2020 Unconference

Teachers, administrators, innovators and changemakers gathered on January 27, 2020 for the 3rd annual CIS Ontario Connects Unconference. It was a powerful day of learning and sharing. The expertise of CIS Ontario educators was leveraged in four compelling areas of future-thinking pedagogical inquiry. Facilitators engaged participants through provocations designed to generate and incubate ideas and best practices. Following are the themes that were explored:

1. Future Readiness - How might we authentically embed 21st century skills across the curriculum and co-curricular programming in order to develop future-ready students?

2. Wellness Dashboard - How might we best measure, collect and evaluate student wellness data?

3. UN's Sustainable Development Goals - How might we best leverage the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to enhance learning outcomes across academic and non-academic programming?

4. Gamification - How might we best integrate and apply game-based pedagogies, strategies and technologies to enhance learning outcomes?

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Connects Unconference 2019

CIS Ontario Connects Unconference


Garth Nichols
Lead Facilitator

Justin Medved
Lead Facilitator

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Garth Nichols, lead facilitator