Connects Unconference

Time to consult the experts? It’s a little different here. The purpose of the annual Connects Unconference is to bring CIS Ontario educators together, of varying levels of experience and expertise. It's a powerful way for faculty and administrators to accelerate their research and learn from each other. Table facilitators have a critical role, as they work to generate dialogue around four topics of group interest, pre-selected and voted upon by all participants. You could be discussing the integration of design thinking, experiential technologies or digital portfolios.

Commitment to a Collective Output of the Learning

Our Unconference differentiates itself through the commitment to a collective output of the learning to the CIS Ontario community through a post-conference infographic and the sharing of session slides. Learn more about CIS Ontario's Connects Unconference model by reviewing the Impact Reports from past events. See below for all unconference resources by year.

The ultimate goal is to capture new opportunities for student experience. 

Connects Unconference 2025

Please plan to join us on Monday, January 27, 2025. 

Session Slides, Resources & Impact Reports by Year

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CIS Ontario Connects Unconference


Justin Medved
Associate Head, Academic Innovation
The York School

Garth Nichols
Vice Principal Experiential Education & Innovation
Havergal College

For additional information, please contact:

Jeremy Barr
Event Manager