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Cohort 21 is not your typical professional development. It's a highly personalized learning experience supported by an active community of educators. Being a member of Cohort 21 means committing to an eight-month process of professional growth and inquiry. The Cohort 21 experience is facilitated through four face-to-face sessions that are interconnected through rich online collaboration, blogging and conversation.

2020-21 Season 9

We at Cohort 21 gained many insights during this period of school closures and continue to learn about perspectives, place and privilege. We are inquiring into the mindsets and approaches to pedagogies that will enhance student engagement and wellbeing. Cohort 21 Season 9 will be a distillation and consolidation of this learning to help build capacity for our schools to continue to thrive, now and beyond our current contexts. 

The current unprecedented times in education and society call for a different kind of professional learning. Cohort 21 is a vehicle for committing to a process of sustained professional growth, reflection, inquiry that results in ACTION and IMPACT. 

For this to be true, we commit to the following:

  • Continue to build powerful mindsets that will allow participants to navigate change and complexity in generative and positive ways of being
  • Build knowledge, understanding and practice for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion throughout our program, both for participant and for facilitators and coaches
  • Build understanding and practice of key pedagogical models that support a blended approach to education

Beginning in October, Cohort 21 participants will experience "HyFlex" style pedagogies and protocols as we build community and initiate the Action Plan design process. These engagements will be interconnected by rich online collaboration, blogging and conversation. Using different platforms (ZOOM, Google Meets, Twitter,  individual Cohort 21 Blogs) and a Design Thinking framework, participants will connect and engage in a personalized professional inquiry and action plan. This structured inquiry into the refinement of a problem of practice or a school change project will be the catalyst for valuable professional learning that will have lasting impact on their students and their CIS Ontario school. 

Click here to read feedback from the Cohort 21 alumni who have successfully completed the programme.

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Did You Know?

Cohort 21 was born in 2012 when 20 passionate educators came together one Saturday morning to talk and think about the future of education.  We may have grown and the world has changed around us but the mission is still the sameto build a community of passionate CIS Ontario educators who are interested in refining and redesigning their practice through the exploration of new pedagogies, ideas and tools. 



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Lead Facilitator

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Lead Facilitator

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Imagine finding yourself surrounded by 50 like-minded professionals with only one idea in their head: "How can we help each other become better teachers?". - Tomas Paz Johnstone, Crestwoood Preparatory College


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