Cohort 21

Cohort 21 is not your typical professional development. It's a highly personalized learning experience supported by an active community of educators. Being a member of Cohort 21 means committing to an eight-month process of professional growth and inquiry. The Cohort 21 experience is facilitated through four face-to-face sessions that are interconnected through rich online collaboration, blogging and conversation.

Did You Know?

Cohort 21 was born in 2012 when 20 passionate educators came together one Saturday morning to talk and think about the future of education.  We may have grown and the world has changed around us but the mission is still the sameto build a community of passionate CIS Ontario educators who are interested in refining and redesigning their practice through the exploration of new pedagogies, ideas and tools. 

2024-25 Season 13

In Season 13 we hope to bring educators together from across the CIS Ontario community. Schools are encouraged to send more than one educator from their school if they are working on a school-wide initiative. Curriculum leaders are also encouraged to be involved and are invited to each of the Face to Face sessions on October 5, November 30, January 31, and May 2. Locations to be confirmed.

As a member, YOU WILL:

  • be engaged in a highly personalized learning experience supported by an active community of educators.
  • take part in four face to face sessions held at different locations
  • participate on social media platforms (Twitter, your own Cohort 21 Blog)
  • use Design Thinking to support your Action Plan process
  • engage in your own personalized Action Plan.

Click here to read feedback from the Cohort 21 alumni who have successfully completed the programme.

Stay tuned for Season 13 registration!

Cohort 21 Face to Face Sessions

CIS Ontario Cohort 21 – Session 1
Cohort 21 – Session 1

October 5, 2024

CIS Ontario Cohort 21 – Session 2
Cohort 21 – Session 2

November 30, 2024

CIS Ontario Cohort 21 – Session 3
Cohort 21 – Session 3

January 31, 2025

CIS Ontario Cohort 21 – Session 4
Cohort 21 – Session 4

May 2, 2025

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Garth Nichols
Lead Facilitator

Justin Medved
Lead Facilitator

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Jeremy Barr
Event Manager
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Imagine finding yourself surrounded by 50 like-minded professionals with only one idea in their head: "How can we help each other become better teachers?".

— Tomas Paz Johnstone, Crestwoood Preparatory College