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CIS Ontario Member Schools believe in the importance of on-going professional development for their teachers and administrators. As such, CIS Ontario organizes and provides professional development opportunities for its member schools. Conferences and workshops organized by, or supported by, CIS Ontario are listed in the Conferences and Workshops section of this website. Some of these PD activities are open to CIS Ontario members only, while others are open to non-members, as indicated. The CIS Ontario office also provides a listing of PD opportunities delivered by other organizations that would be applicable to the current needs of the membership.

CIS Ontario subscribes to the general principles of professional development as reflected in the statement below.

Criteria for Quality Effective Professional Development

(These criteria were adapted from the Standards Council of the Teaching Profession of Australia)

Purpose of this statement - Experience and research have shown that effective professional development is built upon a set of principles and characteristics that have become widely accepted in the education community. The statement outlines how effective professional development programs should meet the requirements of participants by focusing on what Faculty and Staff should know and be able to do. It indicates how programs should also be well organized, provide support for participants, be imaginative and succinct in their delivery, seek feedback and provide value for money.

  • Ethical: As part of their code of professional practice, Faculty and Staff act on the belief in students' capacity for learning growth and that they have a professional obligation to improve their strategies to effect this goal.
  • Currency: Faculty and Staff recognize that they have a responsibility to keep abreast of new developments in their field of practice.
  • Performance: Career recognition will be enhanced by professional improvement.
  • Personal: Career long learning activities enhance personal as well as professional growth.

Rationale - Schools are responsible for the planning and provision of professional development that is both meaningful in terms of Faculty and Staff career development and consistent with the school's goals and strategies to enhance student learning outcomes. Identifying Faculty and Staff professional development needs through school based processes including performance review, is vital to the process of achieving improvements in teaching and learning. The commitment to ongoing personal and collective professional development is a responsibility that schools, Faculty and Staff share. Within this context, Faculty and Staff are personally motivated to pursue professional development for a number of reasons.

Criteria from the Victorian Institute of Teaching (Australia) http://www.vit.vic.edu.au/

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