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Become a Corporate Sponsor

Businesses or consultants that provide services to CIS Ontario independent schools may register as a Corporate Sponsor or Consultant. To learn more about becoming a Corporate Sponsor contact the CIS Ontario office at 905-665-8622 or by email -


CIS Corporate Sponsor Agreement

In exchange for the benefits to be provided by The Conference of Independent Schools of Ontario (CIS Ontario) to the undersigned CIS Ontario Corporate Sponsor, the Corporate Sponsor will agree as follows:

  • Services and products should be of interest to CIS Ontario member schools and families exploring the independent college-preparatory education option.  Corporate sponsorship is not intended for other schools, therapeutic programs, wilderness programs, day schools, summer camps, or other academic programs.
  • The Sponsor will not suggest or imply, in any written or oral communication, that CIS Ontario has endorsed any of its products or services, or use the CIS Ontario name or logo in any form.
  • When communicating with CIS Ontario member schools, the Sponsor will speak accurately and comprehensively about the strengths of its own products and services, and not allege weaknesses in other competitor products.
  • CIS Ontario reserves the right to revoke the Sponsor's corporate subscription if it violates any of the above agreements, or if CIS Ontario deems the Sponsor's business to be discriminatory or inappropriate to the interests of its membership.
  • If the Sponsor's corporate subscription is dropped, for any reason, the Sponsor will not receive a refund on the balance of its current year subscription fee.


CIS Ontario does not endorse the products or services of any corporate sponsors who pay a fee to be listed. Further, CIS Ontario reserves the right to revoke sponsorship status at any time the Executive Director believes the sponsor violates the core principles of CIS Ontario or is deemed to be discriminatory or its actions become inappropriate to the interests of the membership.

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