An Independent Education

The journey to success starts early on. Critical capabilities need careful nurturing. These include intellectual curiosity, unlocking individual passions and talents, and the encouragement of independent, critical thinking.

Determining the right fit for your child

With such breadth and depth of choice, you can choose a school whose philosophy, values and approach to teaching is best for your child, setting them up for a lifetime of success and well-being.

CIS Ontario member schools vary in the following ways:

  • academic offerings (Montessori, International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement, OSSD)
  • size (one building/large campus)
  • programming (electives/day/boarding)
  • geographic surroundings (rural/urban)
  • grade-level offered (elementary/university prep)
  • gender division (co-ed/single-sex)

CIS Ontario member schools exhibit the following desirable qualities families seek:

  • strong, academic programming set in progressive learning models
  • dedicated teachers
  • vigorous and safe student environment
  • controlled class sizes
  • individualized attention
  • respect for the values of trust, honesty, and integrity
  • well-rounded programs
  • excellent preparation for higher education


CIS Ontario member schools benefit from the following:

  • high quality inter-school student programs including music, drama, visual arts and dance festivals, plus membership in our Conference of Independent Schools of Ontario Athletic Association (CISAA)
  • targeted and innovative professional development for teachers
  • strong professional networks for school leaders and administrators
  • collaborative resource-sharing
  • a strong voice for Ontario independent education