Our Member Schools


It’s no surprise that independent-school alumni treasure their alma mater networks with a particular passion. That’s because each community of graduates is clustered around a particular, unique set of values and its own distinct approach to teaching.

Families undertake considerable research, through a committed school search and open-house visits to determine the best fit for their child, prior to entry. And with a diverse range of offerings and options, including International Baccalaureate, Montessori, co-ed or single-sex, boarding and varied facilities and settings, families can hone in on the very best fit for their particular child.

While CIS Ontario member schools vary in many aspects, they all have access to its exemplary programs and networks along with the desirable qualities that are a hallmark of its member institutions.

Each of our member schools has a unique mission and vision. CIS Ontario assists families in their research to select the best school for their child, and empowers its member schools to access guidance in leadership, research and trends, and exemplary program delivery.

CIS Ontario Member Schools


CIS Ontario member schools benefit from the following:

  • high quality inter-school student programs including music, drama, visual arts and dance festivals, plus membership in our Conference of Independent Schools of Ontario Athletic Association (CISAA)
  • targeted and innovative professional development for teachers
  • strong professional networks for school leaders and administrators
  • collaborative resource-sharing
  • a strong voice for Ontario independent education