Membership Criteria

In order to ensure excellence and leadership among our member schools, they must meet or exceed the following vigorous membership criteria upon entry:

Academic Standards

The school provides an academic program of study that qualifies students for entrance to university, including junior schools that qualify students for entrance to university preparatory schools. Members must be registered with the Ontario Ministry of Education.


The school is accredited through a CIS Ontario approved accrediting organization.  Full Member School - Accredited and Associate School (out of province) - Accredited receive full member benefits. Those in the process of accreditation, a CIS Ontario Candidate Member School, would receive all benefits except for voting rights. Schools having a designation of  Non-Member School would have access to CIS Ontario Professional Learning programs (but not Professional Networks) at a premium participation fee. They would also not be eligible to access inter-school student experiences (e.g. CISAA, CISMF).


The governing body and the administration of the school must be at arm's length from each other. At least 80 per cent of governing-body members may not be associated with the administration. Full details may be requested.

Financial Stability

The school has demonstrated operating capability with reasonable financial and academic-program stability.


The school has an established reputation for excellence and integrity and is generally recognized by the membership of CIS Ontario and the public.


The school is committed to continuous school improvement in its programs and operations and seeks to implement best practices in education. The school actively participates in CIS Ontario programs.

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