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Toronto, Ontario

Established for over 25 years as a leading Independent school, Bannockburn offers an outstanding, authentic Montessori learning environment, carefully implemented to meet the specific needs of children during the most crucial periods of their formative years: Toddler (18 months-3 years old), Primary (3-6 years old), Elementary (6-12 years old). Children grow and thrive in a nurturing and stimulating family community, unified by the love of learning. Each fully equipped classroom is directed by dedicated, qualified teachers complemented by specialist instruction in French, music, visual arts and physical education.

In the heart of north Toronto, Bannockburn is situated on 5 acres of green space surrounded by mature trees. We invite you to discover how Bannockburn can make a brilliant difference in your child's life.... from the very beginning.

We invite you to come and learn more about Bannockburn and your child's most crucial years of development. 

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