Strategic Directions


With a carefully considered approach to realizing a sustained vision of leadership and excellence in independent education, the following goals form the backbone of our initiatives and programs.

Ensure the delivery of high quality inter-school student experiences.

The quality of an independent school education is enriched by the opportunity for students to connect with each other and to pursue their passions to a high level of excellence. Through strong inter-school programs we extend the opportunity for students to learn, connect and excel.
  1. Design and deliver a diverse range of quality inter-school student programs that are responsive to the changing needs of our schools.
  2. Implement practices and protocols to support the quality and safety of our inter-school student programs.
  3. Provide enhanced support and guidance to groups and individuals involved in organizing and implementing our student programs.

Deliver exemplary professional learning programs and foster collaborative professional networks.

The people who work and volunteer in our schools are a primary driver of quality education. We work with our members to design professional learning programs that advance independent education in Ontario.
  1. Design and deliver innovative, responsive, affordable, diverse and accessible professional learning programs — focusing on issues that relate to Ontario and are in high demand by our members.
  2. Deliver collaborative professional learning programs in partnership with faculties of education, the Ontario College of Teachers and other organizations.
  3. Enable our collaborative professional networks to provide relevant, customized and responsive learning opportunities.

Support our member schools through effective partnerships and stakeholder relations.

We recognize the need to build greater clarity both within our sector and with other stakeholders about who we are, what we stand for and the value we offer — and to advance the sustainability and success of our schools.
  1. Enhance our capacity to anticipate, track and respond effectively to emerging issues driven by legislative, regulatory and environmental changes.
  2. Develop a provincial government relations and advocacy strategy to address key issues facing our sector.
  3. Strengthen relationships with partners in support of the needs of our member schools. (e.g.: CAIS and other sector associations, faculties of education, Ontario College of Teachers, Ministry of Education and other external organizations).

Build the long term relevance and sustainability of our association.

We will ensure the association’s long-term strength, relevance and sustainability through strategic leadership, fiscal management and governance.
  1. Review the criteria for membership and the processes for ongoing eligibility of member schools.
  2. Design and implement effective communications, brand, and marketing strategies.
  3. Ensure effective oversight, resources, governance and risk management of all CIS Ontario programs and our volunteers.
  4. Develop a plan for long term financial sustainability.
  5. Plan for succession and ongoing development of our board and employees.

Our Vision

Leadership and excellence in independent education in Ontario.

CIS Ontario: Strategic Directions

Member School Map

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