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Developing A Coaching Culture in Schools

Developing a Coaching Culture in Schools - Webinar Series by Canadian Centre for Brief Coaching

Hosted by Canadian Centre for Brief Coaching and Greenwood College School

Did you know that conversations are a powerful way to connect and engage all stakeholders in your school community? Join us for a monthly webinar, presented by the Canadian Centre for Brief Coaching and Greenwood College School from October 2019 to June 2020 that will:

  • Focus of all aspects of school life including students, teachers, parents and administrators
  • Provide direction on how to measure the impact of these conversations.
  • Learn from other schools and organizations about how they apply Coaching Conversations in their school communities.
  • Following each webinar we will send out curated questions and comments from our participants.
  • Each webinar will be recorded and made available online for those who register for a webinar or the series.


  • $580 + taxes/fees (for all 9 sessions)
  • $70 + taxes/fees per webinar

Dates and Topics:

October 31 - Why Coaching Conversations? And What Do They Look Like?

November 28 - How Can We Have Coaching Conversations with All of Our Students (Sk to 12)?

December 12 - How Do I Have a Coaching Conversation with a Student Who Will Not Listen or Engage?

January 30 - How Can Coaching Conversations Deepen Our Connection with Our Parent Community?

February 27 - How Can Coaching Conversations Be a Model for Optimal Teacher Growth?

March 26 - How Coaching Conversations Can Help Me Answer These Questions:

  • How do I know things are going well in my school?
  • How do I listen and lead at the same time?

April 30 - What Research Supports the Positive Impact of Coaching Conversations?

May 22 - Join us for Cafe Conversations! What are you curious about? What are conversations that connect with hopes you have for your school?

June 25 - How are you? A time for a restorative coaching conversation with yourself!

Hosted by:

Haesun Moon, Executive Director, Canadian Centre for Brief Coaching

Mary Gauthier, Executive Director, Greenwood Centre for Teaching and Learning

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