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HC-X: Blended Learning Conference 2024
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Next spring, May 9th-11th, Havergal College’s innovation hub, HC-X, is proud to host an exciting three-day conference focused on blended learning, featuring keynote speaker and blended learning expert, Heather Staker

 Participants are invited to: 

  • Join Havergal’s Blended Learning team for three days of workshops and engagement in the world-renowned Teacher Boost 2.0 program. 

  • Experience blended learning from different perspectives.

  • Discover why blended learning is important to students as they prepare for the future.

  • Learn about the HC-X journey of designing, developing and rolling out a Blended Learning Model for students from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

 Heather is an adjunct researcher for the Christensen Institute, president of Ready to Blend, co-author of Blended: Using Disruptive Innovation to Improve Schools and co-founder of Brain Chase Production. She will share her research and expertise with us as we explore teaching strategies for future-ready learning and how best to develop student agency in the classroom. 

Mark your calendar for May 2024 and watch for registration details this coming fall!

Garth Nichols
VP, Strategic Innovation & Design
Havergal College

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