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RLC Annual Pow Wow 2023
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This year's Pow Wow is in honour of Friendship.

Our MC, Diena Bomberry, along with our Head of School, Dave Krocker, welcome you to the campus of Rosseau Lake College, 1967 Bright Street in the Village of Rosseau, on June 7, 2023 from 11:00 - 2:30 pm.

Rodney Stanger and company will be on the Big Drum. Percy Tabobondung is our Head Male Dancer, and Keira Barnhardt is our Head Female Dancer. We are delighted to have the Little Spirit Singers join us as well.

There will be craft vendors, spot dances, potato dance, and prizes. Most importantly there will be lots of laughter. Indigenous food and snacks will be provided for a small donation with proceeds supporting the RLC Seven Generations initiative. To all the men and boys, be prepared and wear some comfy clothes as this year we're introducing the Men's Challenge Dance, and we invite you to challenge yourself.


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