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The CIS Ontario CITE English Teachers' Network is thrilled to announce that the INCITE 2021 anthology of student writing has been sent to the printer! They are looking forward to receiving the books in the coming weeks and arranging delivery to all participating member schools. 


The 180-page anthology of poetry, short stories and visual art, features a preface by Michael Christie, author of If I Fall, I Die, and Greenwood. Here is an excerpt from Michael Christie’s preface to the anthology, 

“During a time of such global difficulty, empathy for one another has never been so integral to our survival. This is the great superpower of writing. It generates empathy like nothing else. The reader does not just see the life of a person who has a different experience of life than they do, the reader actually becomes that person, which can be a radically transformative thing. The best writing reminds us that every other human being’s experience of the world is just as vibrant, just as emotional, just as important and valuable as ours is, and that we ought to treat one another accordingly. I’m sure you’ll agree that the writing in this collection achieves just that.” 

CITE thanks all of the teachers who championed the writing by our aspiring authors.

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