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Cohort 21 Season 11 – That’s a wrap! – Celebrating a year of professional growth and learning.
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Since its inception in 2012, the mission of Cohort 21 has been to build a community of passionate CIS Ontario educators interested in refining and redesigning their practice by exploring new pedagogies, ideas and tools. This professional learning experience has always been for those ready and willing to engage in professional and personal growth. Those with the bandwidth and are looking for professional connections seek out Cohort 21 and make the time and space to engage with a year-long action-oriented PLC.

Season 11 of Cohort 21 was a massive success by all metrics. We had strong representation from over 35 CIS Ontario schools, and our deeper learning approaches yielded valuable and authentic action plans from our participants. Thank you to The York School, Havergal College, UTS University of Toronto Schools and Upper Canada College for hosting our 4 Face-to-Face sessions. 

Our participants learn systems- and design-thinking approaches to apply to a Big Hairy Audacious Question of their practice. In this way, the learning is personalized, meaningful, and job-embedded. Some schools sent teams, and others sent individuals; regardless, the value of networking, and the sharing of knowledge and ideas, yields incredible innovation.

CIS Ontario Cohort 21 Season 11
CIS Ontario Cohort 21 Season 11

Relationships turn into friendships, handshakes shift to hugs, and a group of passionate educators solidifies into a professional learning community. Season 11, like the ten before it, was magical and made even more special as the participants took advantage of the weather to spend quality time outside in the sun. 

The evidence of 11 seasons of learning is on the Cohort 21 website and is now organized 'by school' thanks to the hard work of our volunteer coaches and facilitators. See the Cohort 21 Action Plan Directory for Season 1 to 11 Action Plans.

As we celebrate the decade-long evolution of this professional learning community, we are excited to announce that registration for Season 12 of Cohort 21 will open in August. So keep a lookout in June, in your inbox, for an 'Express Your Interest RSVP Form' to secure your spot.

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CIS Ontario Cohort 21 Season 11


CIS Ontario Cohort 21 Season 11


CIS Ontario Cohort 21 Season 11 Strands

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