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Cohort 21: Season 10 - Reflections from a decade of professional learning, inquiry & action
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Participants, coaches and facilitators met at The York School this past October to launch Season 11 of Cohort 21. Our learning from the past two years helped the continued evolution of this year-long professional development PLC. This first face-to-face session focused on relationship building in order to set the foundation for year ahead.

The Cohort 21 learning community is built through the structure of its support group model, where participants are organized around commonalities in division and / or subject area. Each group is further supported by a facilitator and a team of coaches (past participants who have stayed on for another year). In the first face-to-face session participants used the Eisenhower Matrix to explore what classroom or learning challenges and opportunities they are currently facing in their role through the lens of what is urgent and important. This exercise, and the support that is provided helps set the stage for the Action Plan process.

C21 - Eisenhower Matrix

Throughout November, these support groups meet via Zoom (a great opportunity afforded to us through experience and skills gained through school closures) to refine participants’ thinking. These check-ins provide opportunities for questions, ideas, and for participants to share ideas and strategies with one another to make knowledge and experience widely shared.

Cohort 21 Season 11 Inquiry and Engagement Roadmap

Looking ahead we are preparing for our November face-to-face session taking place at Havergal College on November 19th. This day and session centres around the Design Thinking process and how to leverage it in the Action Plan process. Click here to watch a video from Cohort 21 - Season 6 and our participants reflecting on their experience. We are so grateful to the CIS Ontario schools that offer their support through use of their facilities and food services to keep Cohort 21 a thriving professional learning community.

Cohort 21 Learning Path


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