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CIS Ontario Instructional Coaching Community of Practice

“Communities of Practice are groups of people who share a passion for something they do and who interact regularly to learn how to do it better.” — Étienne Wenger

In October 2019, following a well attended and inspirational Coaching Workshop at Ridley College, our Instructional Coaching Community of Practice began. The group was led by Heather Clayton, Leadership and Team Coach, Heather Clayton Consulting, and coordinated with;

The group planned monthly Community of Practice meetings on Zoom which were dedicated to a common passion and interest in developing coaching skills and becoming more coach-like.

As other schools joined, we quickly became a community. Learning together, we discussed; coaching skills, where coaching has a place in our lives and schools, and practiced coaching in triads. We would end each session by sharing our commitment to 'work on' or 'notice something' before we met again.

Here are some quotes about the experience from members of our Community of Practice including Jen Frickley (Lakefield College School), Lisa Mitchell (Hillfield Strathallan College), Laura Sardone (St. Clement's School), Samantha Wellborn (Trafalgar Castle School) and other representatives from The Bishop Strachan School, The York School, and Havergal College.

“This is the learning journey I look forward to each month. I am looking forward to applying what I have learned in my work with student leaders”

“I believe even more now about the potential a culture of coaching has to help our schools achieve our hopes for well-being and inclusion”

“I am grateful for the learning and practicing coaching especially in my role as a VP”

“This has inspired me to begin my Coaching Certification”

And a final quote that encompasses our hopes and purpose:

“In addition to coaching, this has truly been about building community”

Thank you Heather Clayton for your expertise and support. We are committed to continuing, so please watch for the CIS Ontario Instructional Coaching Community of Practice coming this fall 2020.

Adam Caplan, Derrick des Vignes and Mary Gauthier