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Thank You Tracker Networks, CIS Ontario Supporter Plus Sponsor

Thank you Tracker Networks, Essential ERM — our newest 2020-21 ‘Supporter Plus’ Sponsor! Your support has a direct impact on the programs we deliver to our 48 incredible member independent schools.

Enterprise Risk Management Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is an essential part of good business planning and an important tool to help you develop and execute your school’s mission and strategy. ERM processes help you to identify, think through and manage the uncertain events that could materially disrupt your school or otherwise affect your ability to achieve your mission and objectives.

ERM is also a key component of ongoing performance management, as organizations who do a good job of ERM have been shown to outperform their peers on a wide range of business metrics – mostly because they hit their objectives more reliably and with lower costs. Schools and non-profit organizations can especially benefit from ERM, by providing assurance to their oversight bodies and stakeholders, by improving management decision making, and by generating cost savings in multiple areas.

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