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CIS Ontario Sponsor Action First Aid
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Thank you to Action First Aid for sponsoring dinner at our Nurses' Network Spring 2023 Retreat! The retreat program on May 11th also includes an in-depth presentation on Thursday afternoon by the team from Action First Aid about their first aid training model.

Action First Aid, a CIS Ontario Principal Sponsor, is one of Ontario’s largest WSIB-approved First Aid Training Agencies with a passion and expertise in creating Cardiac Safe Schools. With over 25 years of experience, they have developed customized programs and products that empower people to take action. Action First Aid is also a leading AED distributor supporting all makes and models. They specialize in helping schools and large institutions implement and properly manage any AED program. Driven to reduce death from Sudden Cardiac Arrest, Action First Aid is also leading a national movement to place Outdoor SaveStations closer to people to increase immediate access to a lifesaving AED 24/7.

Learn more about Action First Aid here:

CIS Ontario member school nurses are welcome to login to CISO Connect and visit their Nurses' Network Hub Spring Retreat 2023 webpage for more details.


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