It's a Wrap! Teacher Recruitment Career Fairs 2022-23

It's a Wrap! Teacher Recruitment Career Fairs 2022-23
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CIS Ontario remains committed to promoting our member schools to graduating students in Bachelor and Master of Education programs and highlighting the rewarding careers and benefits of working in our independent schools.

This year’s Teacher Recruitment Career Fairs, were offered at universities throughout Ontario, including McGill in Quebec, in both online virtual formats and some back to in-person exhibitor halls on university campuses. Commencing in November and ending in February, CIS Ontario participated in 11 Fairs. Our booths and online presentations were covered by volunteers from CIS Ontario member schools including; Heads of School, Assistant Heads and HR leaders. We are grateful for their volunteerism and support. 

CIS Ontario would like to thank this year’s volunteers for participating in the 2022-2023 Teacher Recruitment Career Fairs offered by Brock, McGill, OISE, Ottawa, Queen’s, Trent, UOIT, Western, Windsor and York Universities:

Please be on the lookout in fall 2023 for more on how you can participate in an upcoming fair. It is a rewarding experience to engage with potential new talent and share your experiences of working in amazing facilities that offer incredible resources and programs for teachers and students.

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