In Remembrance of Robert Carreau, Head of School, Rosseau Lake College

In Remembrance of Robert Carreau, Head of School, Rosseau Lake College
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Encouraging and Inspiring Us with his Passion and Positivity

On November 2nd, 2020, the CIS Ontario community lost a passionate and inspirational leader when we learned of the tragic passing of Robert Carreau, Head of School, Rosseau Lake College. Robert was fatally struck by a car while out on his daily morning run with his close friends. As a member school community, we extend our sincerest condolences to family, friends, colleagues and students.

Just a few weeks ago, Robert wrote about the importance of resilience. His powerful words resonate loudly as we grieve losing him and continue to navigate our own daily challenges. Thank you Robert, for reminding us that challenges make us stronger and also help us to allow the light in.

“The truth is though, we need Novembers, and rain. We need setbacks and failures, stress and sadness, moustaches and bad hair days, tragedy and disappointment.  We need these and all other challenges, not only because they make us stronger, but also because they allow the light in the rest of our lives to shine even more brightly.” - Robert Carreau, October 20th, 2020.

Cohort 21 participant and Rosseau Lake College teacher, Monica Rand wrote a powerful blog post to share how Robert’s leadership inspired her and to celebrate the strength of the RLC community. It is a powerful read and expresses the many ways that Robert led by example: Not the Blog Post I Thought I Would be Writing… Thank you Monica for sharing your reflections with us.

To lend their support in person, a team of 30 from the CIS Ontario membership, as well as Tim White representing the CIS Ontario team and Fiona Parke representing CAIS, drove to Rosseau Lake College. Close friends went to comfort their peers in their grief and a group of 25 educators spent the day with students to give the teachers a day of rest and bereavement. The unseasonably warm day, led by Peter Sturrup, Head of Pickering College, involved a day of outdoor activities, small group conversations and connection. The group of educators included three other Heads of School, a number of other Senior Leadership Team members, Outdoor Education and Physical Education teachers, counsellors and a Chaplain. On behalf of the teachers at Rosseau Lake College, thank you for giving us our “Take Care of Ourselves Day”.

As Robert was fond of saying, “We’ve got this.” Robert, we thank you for encouraging and inspiring us with your passion and positivity. And, for leading by example. You will be dearly missed.

A Celebration of Life for Robert Carreau was held on November 7th. If you did not attend the livestream you can view the recording here.  To offer condolences, please do so through

To allow for Robert’s legacy to continue, two funds have been created in his name where donations may be made in his memory.

The Robert Carreau Memorial Fund, Rosseau Lake College

Our friends at Rosseau Lake College shared that one of Robert’s passions since the moment he arrived on campus was setting up a beautiful four-season trail system that would give students and staff a safe place to run.

Rosseau Lake College has established the Robert Carreau Memorial Fund to bring Robert’s vision to life.  Donations will support efforts to make improvements to the RLC trail and heritage site along the trail system. If you would like to help bring Robert’s dream to fruition you may make a donation here:

The Robert Carreau Trust Fund for Education

The newly established trust fund allows for contributions to be made towards educational initiatives. This includes, as a first priority, scholarships for each of Robert’s children to complete their educational journeys. Donations to this fund can be made here:


Robert Carreau, Head of School, Rosseau Lake College


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