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CIS Ontario Sponsor VS America, UTS classroom
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Before the pandemic, the University of Toronto Schools (UTS) had a trial classroom with VS furniture. When it came time to furnish their new building, they already knew from experience that VS’ furniture would be perfect to create their agile learning spaces. Deciding on dynamic and flexible furniture that supports student well-being as well as UTS’s academic learning model was important. Tables that stack so rooms can be easily rearranged to support the lesson of the day, along with comfortable chairs to help students stay on task, were selected. Durability, also an important element, was considered. 

School furniture should last decades, but sadly, as manufacturing quality has declined over the years, it often doesn’t. VS doesn’t take shortcuts when it comes to manufacturing to ensure product longevity. 

Ask for a demonstration today on how VS and their partner in Ontario, Aquest Design, can transform your learning spaces by emailing Andrew Lowes at





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