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CAPT Concussion Management
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CAPT is a digital platform, purpose built to deliver your school or organization’s concussion protocol on any mobile device and online. It is accessible by anyone designated in your school - Athletic Directors, Coaches, Training Staff, Teachers, Medical Staff, and Students and it can be modified or updated anytime.

Unlike public schools, where safety protocols are often set by a school board or a regulator, independent schools are expected to establish the highest level of care and safety for their students independently. School organizations like CIS Ontario, are always looking for the highest quality solutions to bring to their members. Such is the case with CAPT.


There are three key critical functions needed to manage concussion in your school that have been built into CAPT.

First - Immediate and reliable access to your approved protocol on the field of play, CAPT is already installed on everyone’s phone. Simply open the app and follow the easy-to-use checklist provided. It will tell you, with certainty, whether to remove the player from sport or whether it’s safe to continue. No guessing if you made the right call, and no “second guessing” by the player, parents, or medical staff. The checklist you used is logged and available as a record of the incident for later use, and you can even add any special notes or comments.

Second - The return to learn protocols approved by your school, are also loaded into CAPT and are available to whomever you designate to be within the student’s “Circle of Care”. Those designated are updated in real-time as the student progresses through the return to learn protocol, thereby minimizing the communications and administrative requirements of your staff.

Third - The entire process from removal to return is documented and available for future reference and a record of all steps is available as part of your school and your student’s file. In addition, anytime your protocol is updated, everyone who has installed CAPT, will automatically be using the latest version. No manual updates are required.


The most important benefit of CAPT is the assurance that you have provided the best available process for managing your concussion removal and return protocols, which ultimately leads to safer and healthier outcomes for your students.

Here are specific benefits CAPT provides to your students and staff:

For HEADS OF SCHOOL – concerned about student safety and school risk

  • Simplifies the concussion protocol across your school
  • Eliminates reliance on printed copies that are sometimes difficult to access, and which need manual updating
  • Ensures everyone in your school is following the same protocol
  • Accessible to anyone you designate
  • Digital log of the injury event and all subsequent steps in the return to learn protocols
  • Significant risk mitigation
  • Cost is less than 10 cents a day per student

For ATHLETIC DIRECTORS AND COACHES – who have to make decisions in real time

  • Provides certainty when Removing Players from Sport
  • Simple to use checklist on the CAPT app
  • Your most current concussion protocol is always available
  • Record of the injury and symptoms at the time for future reference

For ATHLETIC THERAPISTS/NURSES – who administer and coordinate recovery

  • Simplifies Communication. Set up the circle of care and everyone is kept informed
  • Significant reduction in communication workload
  • Automated logging of progress and status for future reference
  • CAPT ensures that you are always using the most current concussion protocol
  • Managing multiple cases is simplified
  • Contributes to better recovery outcomes

For PARENTS/STUDENTS – who want to participate in the recovery process

  • CAPT Keeps you informed of your child’s concussion status from removal from sport through recovery. In many cases, a parent or guardian will be monitoring the return to learn protocol with the student when using CAPT.
  • It’s easy to follow the approved Return Protocol using the step-by-step approach with CAPT.
  • Lower student and parent anxiety as everyone knows exactly where the student is in the process.
  • CAPT provides record keeping and logs of all stages - Removal from Sport through Return to Activities.


If you missed the February 16th, 2022, webinar with CIS Ontario members and CAPT, please play the recording, including the Q&A, here:

CAPT is available to your school for a trial before the end of the current school year. For more information on CAPT or to set up a demo, please contact Sophie Kell - or visit us at

CAPT has partnered with experts in coaching and injury prevention/recovery through the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) and Parachute Canada. The CAC educates and certifies coaches at all levels of sport as well as providing education, research, advocacy, and the promotion of safety. CAPT provides access to the CAC’s Making Headway concussion training and certification program. CAC website

CAPT is also partnered with Parachute Canada. Parachute is a leading national injury prevention organization with deep experience in concussion injury and prevention. Parachute can provide your school with access to the latest concussion protocols. Parachute website

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