Vision, Mission & Values


Together we are stronger. Together we work to create and participate in exemplary student and professional programming. By connecting and collaborating, we amplify our opportunities to deliver excellence within our member schools.

Our Vision

Leadership and excellence in independent education in Ontario.

Our Mission

The mission of CIS Ontario is to enhance excellence and community among our member schools through exemplary student programs, professional learning and collaborative initiatives.

Our Values

These values guide CIS Ontario and the member schools of our association.

We stand for excellence by providing high quality programs and services for our member schools.

We strive to create a community characterized by connection, inclusion and acceptance.

Our strength is our member school community. By working together, we achieve more.

We act and account for our actions as a community with honesty, respect and professionalism.

Our reason for being is to advance and support learning in our member schools. Learning guides everything we do.

Member Value
We exist to provide high value to our member schools, and to support and advance our collective interests.

CIS Ontario Strategic Directions 2024 and Beyond

Within these pages, you will discover a blueprint that articulates our vision for 2024 and beyond. From ensuring the delivery of high-quality inter-school student experiences to building the long-term relevance and sustainability of our association, our strategic directions are anchored in the values that guide CIS Ontario and the member schools of our association.